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This little applet is already pretty well-known in internet communities, and it’s not hard to see why either. The premise is simple: provide a basic applet which integrates with YouTube’s streaming system and subsequently allows you to download videos with a single button. With the popularity of YouTube being what it is, there’s no shortage of competition for the 1-Click YouTube Downloader, with lots of other standalone and widget apps available which do the same thing: pull videos from the streaming site and save them to your hard drive.
So is the 1-Click YouTube Downloader worth the effort? First of all, there’s not really much effort involved at all. The 1-Click YouTube Downloader is very user-friendly, with a powerful search feature for trawling YouTube videos and a very basic - what some might call crude - interface. Downloading the video in question is done by dragging your search result onto a big shiny button, and the process runs very quickly and consistently, saving your video file in FLV format for reasonably good audiovisual quality. One particularly helpful feature is a prompt which asks you exactly where you want to save your video, rather than the usual system whereby every video defaults to a single - and rapidly disorganised - folder.
Nevertheless, there are certain flaws with the program which prevent it from being a master of its universe. Unlike many other utilities, the program doesn’t allow you to save videos in batches, with a lack of features being one of the pet peeves we found about this program. You also can’t preview the videos before you download them, and certain tests revealed suspect travels to what seemed like advertising sites. 1-Click YouTube Downloader is good for personal use, but we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone looking for peak performance or quality.

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Reviewed by Mark Yeow
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